6 Lesser Known Facts About Menstrual That Might Surprise You

Having Periods!

Well don’t worry.It is natural and every woman have to deal with them at some point of time.Having a period means when a woman’s body releases tissue that comes from uterus.Having a period at right age is a good sign.Most girls receive their periods between the ages of eleven and fifteen. Menstrual flow might occur every 21 to 35 days and last two to seven days.It can make unique changes in your body that go beyond cramps,pimples and PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome).It also prepares your body for pregnancy for each month.But still there are some facts about periods that everyone must know:-

5. menstrual-cycle-hormones

  • Menstrual can make you horny

Oh!Yes, at the time of periods, a woman produce less progesterone that makes them horny during this phase.Progesterone is female Sex hormone that plays important role in menstrual cycle and it occurs naturally in the body.It is produced in the ovaries.Progesterone has direct relation with pregnancy because it prepares the uterus for pregnancy.It’s biological fact that hormone progesterone is said to lower a woman’s libido and at the time of menstrual cycle a woman produce less progesterone that makes them horny.

  • It’s not just a blood

Generally, everyone believe that a woman discharge ‘blood’ during their menstrual cycle but it is not entire truth.Well it’s a mixture of blood and uterine tissue.It’s only about a tablespoon of blood. Infact menstrual blood is different from normal blood.It can be either a Red or dark brown in color.It is also made up of tissue and mucus from the endometrium and it does not contain elements that are necessary for  coagulation.It’s not what you think and it’s certainly not “dirty”.

  • Menstruating makes you less attractive to men

Yes it’s biological fact that menstruating makes you less attractive to men because foul smell has a way of killing a men’s sex drive. A man’s testosterone levels are directly affected by a woman’s scent, which changes during periods.Generally, a woman’s body scent can help her to attract men but during their periods,the odor changes to repulsive odor that makes them less attractive to men.

  • PMS can give you mood swing issues

Well it’s true that a woman face mood swing issues during her periods.It is caused due to PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome).Even it can affect weight and food cravings too.Common symptoms of PMS syndrome are acne, mood swings, depression,tender breast,feeling tired,headache and upset stomach.So generally women face these issues due to PMS syndrome during their menstrual cycle.In order to overcome these issues, a woman should do exercise and they must decrease caffeine and alcohol intake prior to menstruation.

  • Women can get pregnant on their periods 

Generally people believe that they can’t get pregnant during their periods but it’s not at all true.Most women have periods that last from 2 to 8 days and takes place every 26 to 30 days.Ovulation( when an egg is released from one of your ovaries) typically occurs midway through the cycle and it is the most fertile time in menstrual cycle.It does mean that when a woman most likely to conceive. So a woman can get pregnant during her periods too.

  • It can alter women voice

During your periods, it can affect or alter your voice too. It can happened due to hormonal changes and Premenstrual syndrome.According to the study published in the journal ‘ethology’ in 2011 found that men can detect from a woman’s voice whether she is menstruating or not because of alteration in voice that can happened due to various hormonal changes and Premenstrual syndrome during periods.

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