A Complete Hair Fall Solution With Satthwa Hair Oil

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Today i’m going to share my views on ‘Satthwa Premium Hair Oil’ which is specially made for hair fall problem. ‘Satthwa’ was started by Mr. Prashant. He himself face hair fall problem. So he researched for hair fall solutions and after lots of research, he introduced ‘Satthwa Premium Hair Oil’.

So Come to the ‘Satthwa Premium Hair Oil’.

What it claims

  • Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is made from 100% pure oils.
  • It’s blend of 9 different oils containing omega 6 & 9, iron, almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, amla oil, grapeseed oil.
  • It stops hair fall, promotes hair growth and prevents dandruff.
  • It’s also stops premature graying and helps to make hair darker.
  • It’s texture is light and facile to blend.
  • It’s suitable for all hair types and has no side effect.

About packaging, color and texture of the product

About the packaging of the product, it’s sober & simple.From the outside, this oil comes in a beautiful cardboard box with a neat plastic wrap. Inside the box, it comes in a small transparent plastic bottle with a white flip-top cap. Color of the oil is yellowish and texture is light and facile to blend.This product is completely travel-friendly.

Experience with product

Hair fall & dandruff are the most common problem for both men and women and when you suffer from severe hair fall then you need to think about it seriously.

I had mild dandruff and hair fall problem. So, i got this ‘Satthwa Premium Hair Oil’ from it’s main website. It’s also available at flipkart . I have been using this oil for 3 weeks. So now i can tell you about this product.

Satthwa Premium Hair Oil is really effective to treat hairfall & dandruff related problems. It’s facile to blend onto the scalp. It’s texture is light that’s good for our hair. Yes, it has alleviated my hair fall problem.It also makes my hair healthier, softer and smoother and gradually my dandruff problem is also reducing. Can’t say about its anti graying effect because my hair is thick & black. And you know what! it does not contains mineral oil and paraben, so it’s totally safe for all of us.

Let me tell you the benefits of its 9 premium oils :-

  • E.V Coconut Oil:- It helps to promote hair growth & prevents dandruff.
  • Sweet Almond Oil:- It prevents shedding and regulates blood flow to scalp.
  • Castor Oil:- It stops premature graying and darkens hair.
  • Amla Oil:- Rich in Vitamin A & C, it helps to minimizes hair loss & prevents graying.
  • Emu Oil:- It stimulate dormant hair follicles and help with new hair growth.
  • Jojoba Oil:- It has anti-fungal properties that’s great to treat scalp infections and helps to balance pH level.
  • E.V Olive Oil:- It treats dry & damaged hair and helps to make hair smooth.
  • Vitamin E:- It provides antioxidants and reduces frizz.
  • Grapeseed Oil:- It helps in hair growth and delays skin aging.

So, it’s like a one pure oil with multiple hair benefits. Regular usuage of this oil can alleviate the hairfall & dandruff related problems.As per me , it’s almost fulfils all its claims.  So overall , it’s worth buying product. If you are suffering from severe hair fall, dandruff and premature graying related problems, then you should buy this product. I’m sure you will like it for sure.


  • 100% pure & narural.
  • Reduces Hair fall.
  • Helps to improve hair texture.
  • Makes hair smooth & soft.
  • No parabens and minerals oil.
  • Cure & prevents dandruff.
  • Nourishes hair from inside.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Non-greasy and facile to blend.
  • Suitable for all hair types and best for dry hair.


  • Availability can be an issue.

Price of the product

INR 599/- for 100 ml.

Buy Now :-  Satthwa Premium Regrowth Hair Oil

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