A Perfect Moisturizer For Dry Skin People

Hello all of you

Today i’m going to share my views on ‘Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion’. As everyone knows that Pond’s is one of the famous beauty brand that offers several skin care, anti-aging and beauty products.It’s owned by parent company the multinational corporation unilever.

So come to the ‘Pond’s Triple Vitamin Moisturizing Lotion’.

What it claims

  • Pond’s triple vitamin moisturizing lotion nourishes and softens the dry and chapped skin.
  • It contains Vitamin B, R and C that’s really great for our skin.
  • This moisturizer provides glow and radiance to your skin.
  • It’s non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly.
  • It’s texture is soft & creamy that is suitable for all skin types specially for sensitive skin.

Packaging, color and texture of the product

About the packaging of the product, it’s available in a white & pinkish bottle with pink flip cap on it.Packaging is okay type. Color of the moisturizer is white and texture is thick & creamy but facile to blend. It has floral type fragrance and it’s travel friendly product.

Experience with product

Well, moisturizer helps to make our skin smooth & soft. So bought pond’s triple vitamin moisturizer in my winters. As i have oily to combination skin so i don’t use moisturizers in summers. I bought this product from local market.

So when i applied it on my skin legs and arms, it keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized for 5-6 hours. It’s facile to blend and fragrance is nice.It nourishes my skin deeply. It’s non- greasy moisturizer but it does not make my skin radiant and glowing. Best thing about this product is that it has Triple Vitamins :-

  • Vitamin B3 that boosts hydration to reduce skin darkening.
  • Vitamin E that quell the dryness of skin and provides nourishment to skin.
  • Vitamin C Helps in the production of  hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine.

These Vitamins also protect our skin from harmful sun rays. Only thing is that it does not have any specific skin lightening or tightening benefits. So overall it’s a good moisturizer to use on a daily basis. It does not have any side effects. This moisturizer is best for dry & sensitive skin people and best for winter season.


  • Easily available and affordable.
  • Creamy texture and facile to blend.
  • Makes skin soft & smooth.
  • Contains Triple Vitamin B3, E and C.
  • Helps to nourish skin deeply.
  • Non-greasy and non-oily.
  • Good for dry skin beauties.


  • No skin lightening and tightening benefits.
  • Not so good for oily skin beauties.
  • Does not have any glowing effect.

Price of the product

INR 55/- for 100ml.

INR 146/- for 300ml.

Will i repurchase it ?

Hmm Not at all because i have oily-combination skin type. I can only purchase it winter season. 🙂


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