Deriva CMS Gel For Acne & Acne Scars

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Today i’m going to share my views on ‘Deriva CMS Gel’ which is suggested by my dermatologist to use with a Faceclin Gel and Ahaglow Face Wash. It’s a gel cream that is specially made to treat acne and acne marks.

So come to the ‘Deriva CMS Gel’.

What it claims 

  • Deriva CMS gel helps to treat mild to moderate acne, acne marks, blackheads, blackspots and severe acne on face.
  • It has Adapalene Microspheres plus clindamycin phosphate gel as key ingredients that helps to treat several skin ailments.
  • It works by lowering the microcomedone formation, treating the acne and keratosis pilaris.
  • It also helps to reduce pustule and papule counts in acne.

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Packaging, Color And Texture of the product

About the packaging of the product, it’s quite hygiene. It comes in a maroon & grey color tube with white color fez on it. Texture is fully gel based and color is plain white. It’s a tiny tube and totally travel-friendly.

Experience with product

I have been using this product for 2 weeks along with Ahaglow Face Wash and Faceclin Gel. My doctor recommended me to use a Faceclin gel at a daytime and Deriva CMS gel at night. So, i’m using this gel as a night cream.

This gel cream works for me. 🙂 It makes my skin so soft and acne free. One thing that i noticed about this gel cream is that it’s good to heal acne marks and scars too. So they are totally vanished now as i was suffering from Moderate acne and acne marks. I’m  using all these three products as per instructions given by my dermatologist. ( Ahaglow Face Wash, Faceclin Gel at daytime and Deriva CMS Gel at night time). Now, i’m totally satisfied with this product.

It has 2 main key ingredients:-

  • Adapalene Microspheres.
  • Clindamycin Phosphate.

Adapalene works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing swelling and inflammation.

Clindamycin is an antibiotic which works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

So both works well & good to treat acne and acne marks. Yon can also use this gel cream to treat acne and acne marks after proper consultation with your doctor.

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Important Note

It may have some side effects too. Like:-

  • If you’re pregnant , planning to become pregnant or are breast-feeding then please don’t use it.
  • If you have a gastrointestinal(bowel) disease or diarrhea then please avoid it.
  • If you have a sensitive skin or allergies to medicines and food then do not use it.

Otherwise, it’s a magical gel cream to treat acne & pimples.


  • Affordable.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Treat acne and acne marks.
  • Having Adapalene and clindamycin.
  • Kills bacteria.
  • Helps to decrease inflammation & swelling.
  • Best for mild to moderate acne treatment.


  • I didn’t find anything bad about this product.

Price of the product

INR 255/- for 15g.

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