Do You Know About Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash?

Hello All Of You,

Today i’m going to share my views on’Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash’.Clean & Clear is a line of dermatology products that offers various skin care and beauty products.It is owned by Johnson & Johnson.

So Come to the Clean & Clear Fairness Face Wash

What it claims

  • Clean & Clear fairness face wash has unique PureRise oil control system that helps to control oil and prevents it from returning for fairness that lasts.
  • It will give you natural bright and vivid pinkish fair skin.
  • It has cherry extract formula that will enhance your skin and give you luminous pinkish glow.

Packaging, texture and color of the product

Packaging of the product is cute and same like a clean & clear fairness cream.It comes in a pinkish thick tube with transparent color flip fez on it.Texture of this face wash is thick and creamy.It’s travel-friendly.It’s color is light pink and it has good floral fragrance.

Experience with product

Earlier i reviewed about ‘Clean & Clear Fairness Face Cream’, so today i’m going to tell you about clean & clear fairness face wash.When i tried this face wash on my face,it gave me instant luminous pink glow.It produces a thick lather.It does make my skin look smooth,clean and oil free,but this bright pinkish glow is not long-lasting.It’s just gave me temporary vivid pinkish glow.But yes!yes! it helps to control the oil and gave me smooth dirt-free look.People who are suffering from excess oiliness on face can try this face wash.Another good thing is that it has PureRise control system that helps to control oil.A tiny amount of face wash is enough for daily use.So overall it can become your daily face wash, especially for oily and acne prone skin.It’s okay okay type product and good for oil skin people and for summers.It can make your skin look smooth and dirt-free and give you good bright glow for some time.It’s better to use with ‘Clean & Clear Fairness Cream‘ for good results.


  • Easily available and economical.
  • Lathers very well.
  • Controls oil.
  • Makes your skin smooth.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • PureRise Formulation and cherry extracts.
  • Perfect for oily and acne prone skin.


  • Just give temporary spark.
  • No improvement in skin.
  • Not so good for dry skin and for winters.

Price of the product

INR 55/- for 40 g.

INR 105/- for 80g.


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