Do You Know About L’Oreal Paris 20+ Skin Perfect Cream ?

Hello all of you,

Today i’m going to share my views on ‘L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream 20+ with UV filters’.Loreal S.A is a french cosmetics company that offers various beauty, make-up and skin care products. This time company has launched a skin care creams as per age specialization.

So come to the ‘L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfect 20+ Cream’

What it claims

  • L’Oreal Paris skin perfect 20+ cream will give you instant glow and flawless fairness.
  • It contains Vitamin 3x technology,Salicylic acid ,Vitamin B3,Vitamin C and Vitamin E that helps to keep oiliness, pimples and blemishes at bay through your twenties.
  • Continuous usage of this cream will reduce imperfections, scars and dark spots.
  • Day after day skin will become fairer and quality of the skin will improve.

Packaging, Texture and Color of the product

About the packaging of the product, It’s quite alluring.It’s available in 2 sizes :- 18g and 50g. Small one comes in a cute white color tube with gold color fez on it and big one is available in white thick and chunky round container with gold color fez on it. Color of the creme is white and fragrance is just amazing. It has strong floral fragrance. Texture is light and creamy. It’s easy to blend and very travel-friendly product.

Experience with product

I bought L’Oreal Paris Skin Care 20+ cream So when i tried this cream on my face, it gave me instant fair  and glowing look.It helps to moisturize my skin very well but it does not mean that it’s greasy and oily.It has non oily moisturization formula. It has salicylic acid in it that’s why it does not clog pores and feels heavy on my skin. It gets absorbed quickly without any greasiness left behind. It gives soft and glowing matte finish but it does not last for a long time. Staying power of this creme is 2-3 hours.It’s UV filter helps to protect our skin from harmful sun beams. So yes, It gives instant fair glow and moisturize my skin very well.

So what about Imperfections and dark spots reduction ???? So i noticed that continuous usage of this product did not vanish my scars, dark spots and imperfections. So this claim is not working here. It can become your daily skin care cream with instant fair look that’s also helps to moisturize your skin.One good thing is that it’s suitable for all skin types. According to me, it’s perfect for winters.So Yah yah! if you want normal moisturizer cream with instant fairness then you can try this cream.


  • Provides instant fairness and glow.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Lovely fragrance.
  • Economical and easily available.
  • Contains salicylic acid and Vitamin 3x technology.
  • UV filter protects the skin from imperfections.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Non-greasy and feels so light on face.
  • Has oil control Properties.
  • Perfect for winters.


  • Does not last for a long time. Staying power is 2-3 hours.
  • Does not reduce dark spots and imperfections.
  • No Improvement in skin tone.
  • Salicylic acid does not work in this cream.
  • Could become more better.

Price of the Product

INR 99/- for 18g.

INR 325/- for 50g.

Will I Repurchase it ?

No, i would not like to buy it again. I’m just using this product in my winters as a normal day cream.


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