Do You Know Three Different Ways To Use Pond’s BB+ Cream?

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 Today i will be sharing my views and 3 Different ways to use Pond’s BB+ cream accurately as Pond’s BB+ cream is Used by many people.

About the Product

First of all, BB stands for ‘Beauty Balm’ or ‘Blemish Balm’. Pond’s is popular Indian Beauty Brand that delivers beauty transformation through revolutionary product innvovations.It’s products includes Pond’s Face washes, Pond’s Anti Aging Creams, Pond’s Age Miracle Creams, Pond’s BB+ Creams and many more etc. So, Come to Pond’s Bb+ Cream, well it is available in only one shade that is natural shade. It has SPF 30 PA++ that protects our skin from harmful sunbeam. The packaging of the product is really sweet. It comes in pinkish plastic bin and inside the bin, there is white thick plastic tube with silver fez.It provides natural medium coverage.This cream is easily available in local market and online stores.

Interesting thing is that it is formulated with special Genwhite formula that provides instant natural glow on outside and lightens your skin and spots from inside.Generally, people use Pond’s BB+ cream as regular cream but there are different ways to use this cream that can give you Intact coverage.


Three Different Ways to Use Pond’s BB+ Cream

1.Pond’s BB+ cream can be used as ‘Primer’

Oh Yes girls, you can use Pond’s BB+ cream as your primer.Firstly, apply Pond’s BB+ cream all over your face then apply your foundation, it will give you Intant Coverage even you don’t need to apply any concealer.Just try this cream as your primer, i’m sure it will give you good results.

2.Use Pond’s BB+ cream to hide Pigmentation and Dead Skin

Yes, you can use Pond’s BB+ cream to hide pigmentation and dead skin.How? so ans is apply Pond’s BB+ cream just around your eyes, under eye area, forehead and around your lip area, it will hide pigmentation and dead skin. After that apply your regular skin cream(like i use lakme absolute radiance cream) around cheeky areas. All this Results into good natural glow. This thing will give you good natural glow to your skin. You can use this method everyday.

 3.Just Dab Pond’s BB+ cream on Spots and Zits

This method is for those people who don’t like to use any cream daily. If you don’t like to use cream regularly, then just dab a little amount of Pond’s BB+ cream on Pockmarks, Zits and Spots. It will make your skin Flawless and Fresh.

Price of the Product

1.Rs.60/-for 9g.

2.Rs.140/-for 18g.

3.Rs.350/-for 50g.

So Girls Hope You would like these three Different ways to use Pond’s BB+ cream.

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