How To Exfoliate Your Skin?

Health of your skin depends upon good skin care routine. Generally, we face the problems of blackheads/whiteheads, dullness, blemishes and dead skin cells. So, exfoliating your skin is an important part of your beauty regime. It helps to lift off the dead skin cells and provide a fresh looking skin. It also helps to clean your pores by eliminating blackheads/whiteheads and excess oil.

Generally, there are two ways to exfoliate your skin:-

  • Physical Exfoliation.
  • Chemical Exfoliation.

Physical Exfoliation means use of physical means like a scrubber or a face wash that contains granules. These granules helps to clean the skin’s pores and life off the dead skin cells. Here are some examples of physical exfoliation:-

  • Face Scrubber

A face scrubber can be any scrubber that’s easily available in the market like everyuth walnut scrub or nature’s apricot scrub. Generally, these scrubbers contains granules that helps to eliminate blackheads/whiteheads and dead skin cells. It can provide you a fresh & glowing look. Apricot scrubs are gentle but walnut shells are little harsh for your skin. The effects of physical exfoliation are short-lived. So, you need to use them twice or thrice a week.

  • Lemon And Sugar As a Scrubber

This is the most natural & safe way to exfoliate your skin. For this, you just need a lemon & sugar. Cut the lemon into 2 pieces and take one piece. Apply some sugar on it and then rub it on all over your face . It will help you to clear your skin and skin’s pores. It’s easy & safe way to remove dead skin cells and blemishes of your skin.

  • Use Oatmeal As a Natural Scrubber

Oatmeal as a scrub is good for sensitive and dry skin people. For this, grind oatmeal and brown sugar and add some honey & jojoba oil as well. Use this facial scrub on all over your skin for exfoliating. Gently massage your face with this scrub. It will help to eliminate dead skin cells & blemishes and also help to clean the pores.

  • Use Milk On Your Face

Milk is good for your overall health as well as skin. Lactic acid in milk acts as chemical exfoliator that helps to make your skin healthy & glowing by removing dead skin cells and blemishes. You can add egg whites in it and simply rub it on all over your face to get healthy & glowing look.

  • Use Coffee As Natural Scrubber

Coffee can be used for both face as well as body. It helps to remove celluliteand reduce the acne scars & stretch marks too. For this, you can rub coffee grounds into your skin or you can add them to olive oil to get a moisturizing treatment. Do you know ? Coffee also contains antioxidants that helps to fight stress and slows down the aging process.

  • Use Salt For Exfoliating

You can use salt for exfoliating too because its grains are fine and less harsh. For this, you can add salt to your favourite oil i.e coconut oil/mustard oil/essential oil or add it to some of your moisturising lotion and rub it on all over your face to get clean and flawless look.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical Exfoliation is also known as ‘Microdermabrasion’. In chemical exfoliation, chemicals like peels, alpha hydroxyl acids, beta hydroxyl acids and enzymes act to loosen the glue-like substance that holds the cells together, allowing them to ease away. This type of exfoliation is always done by licensed expert. Chemical exfoliation helps to give glow to your skin by removing dead skin cells, acne, blemishes and blackheads/whiteheads. It’s effect is long-lasting . It also help to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. This method is recommended mainly for acne prone skin. If you have sensitive skin, then do avoid it.

Chemical exfoliation may not be suitable for all skin types and overdoes chemical exfoliation can harm the skin too. So , i recommend physical exfoliation over chemical exfoliation.

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Important Tips

  • If you have dry or sensitive skin then it’s better for you to scrub twice a week.
  • If you want to scrub your face daily then do not use harsh scrubber because it can harm your skin.
  • Apricot scrubs are less harsh and good than walnut scrubs.
  • You can also try pores strips to remove blackheads/whiteheads.
  • For daily usage, natural ways of scrubbing is better.

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