Is Clean & Clear Cream Good For You ?

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Today i will be sharing my views on ‘Clean & Clear Fairness Cream’. It’s a everyday oil free cream for everyone.It is a line of dermatology products owned by Johnson & Johnson that offers various skin care and make-up products.

So come to the clean & Clear cream


What it claims

Clean & Clear cream is multi vitamins cream and enriched with cherry extracts.It will give you pinkish glow.It contains berries and PureRise. It’s PureRise oil control system gives your skin oil free look and it wouldn’t clog pores.It’s quickly gets absorbed by the skin.It comes with UV protection that will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.It’s non-greasy and non-sticky.It does not leave white cast on face.

Experience with Product

Another product from clean & clear that’s Clean & Clear Fairness Cream. 🙂 I bought this creme from of the product is quite adorable.It comes in a pinkish thick plastic tube with white color flip fez on it.Texture of the cream is smooth and it’s white in color.It has lovely fragrance and it’s very travel-friendly product.


So, when i applied it on my face,it gave me instant fair and pinkish glow.Oh!yes pinkish glow that’s really good na! but it does not lasts for a long time. It’s staying power is 3-4 hours.It provides smooth silky finish to the skin.It would not clog pores.A little quantity of this cream is enough to apply on face.Over application of this cream can leave white cast on your face.So apply it in a appropriate manner.It’s non-greasy and non-sticky.I have oily skin so it makes my skin look smooth and luminous.Best thing about this product is that it has berries and PureRose that’s control the oil and gives you pinkish bright look.It’s good for everyday use and perfect for oily skin people.Not so good for dry skin people. If they want to use it then apply any moisturizer before applying to it on their face.It’s also provides protection from harmful sun beams as it has UV protection.Overall, Yah it’s good okay okay type  product for regular use and best for combination and oily skin tone people.It has something good and different that it provides Pinkish Glow.It can become your good regular day cream. :-)For best results use it with Clean & Clear face wash.


  • Easily available and very economical.
  • Contains berries and PureRise.
  • Provides instant pinkish glow.
  • Non-greasy and Non-sticky.
  • Very light weight cream.
  • Perfect for oily skin tone people.
  • Protects the skin from harmful sun rays.


  • Does not last for a long time.
  • Not good for dry skin people.
  • Over application leaves white cast.

Price of the Product

INR 65/- for 20g.

INR 120/- for 40g.



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