Is D’Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion Really Works ?

Hello All Of You,

Today i will be sharing my views on an Anti Dandruff Product that is ‘D’Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion’. D’Free is an anti dandruff lotion that works overnight and helps to reduce dandruff.It is launched by ‘Athena Life Sciences’ that offers several hair care and cosmetics product.

So come to the ‘D’Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion’.

What It Claims

  • D’Free lotion has anti recurrence formula that stays and works on your scalp and helps to minimize the dandruff,
  • It has 3 powerful ingredients:- Climbazole , Aloe vera and Sebum Modulators that are clinically proven to fight against dandruff causing micro-organisms.
  • Unlike shampoos, it works overnight that helps to cure dandruff.
  • It also helps to make your hair soft and healthy.
  • It’s mild, non-greasy and non-staining formula.
  • It’s totally safe for your hair and dermatologist tested product.
  • It’s not only fight against dandruff but also helps in fighting recurrence of dandruff.

Way To Apply D’Free Lotion

  • Apply the lotion at night and gently massage all over scalp.
  • Leave it overnight and next day wash off with a gentle shampoo.

Packaging, Color and Texture Of the Product

I bought D’Free lotion from amazon.It’s available in 2 sizes:- 50 ml and 100 ml.I wanted to test it for first time, so i bought 50 ml. About the packaging of the product, it’s attractive. It’s available in purple color plastic bottle with green color twist nozzle on it. Color of the lotion is white and texture is light & creamy. It has strong fragrance and it’s easy to apply it on your scalp.

Experience With Product 

Dandruff makes us uncomfortable in public.You know what? Dandruff can be caused due to oily/dry scalp or some skin infections like fungal or bacterial infection. I have been using D’Free lotion for 1 month because i’m also suffering from dandruff issue. It’s great formulation product that contains aloe vera, climbazole and sebum modulators.

  1. Climbazole is anti fungal agent that helps to treat fungal infection and eczema.
  2. Aloe vera has antioxidant and anti bacterial properties that helps to fight against micro organisms.
  3. Sebum Modulators helps to control excess sebum or oil on scalp.

So, according to me, Yes, D’Free Overnight Lotion Works to some extent but not fully. It also helps to make your hair soft and silky.Daily or continuous usage of D’Free lotion helps to remove dandruff to some extent but when i stopped using this product, then again i got dandruff. So it’s an average product. It can treat minor dandruff problem but if you have major or huge dandruff problem then it’s not so helpful for you. Good thing about this lotion is that it’s non oily and does not cause hair fall.It’s totally safe for our hair and does not have any side effects. So overall i would like to say that if you have minor dandruff problem then it’s great product for you but if you are suffering from major or huge dandruff problem then it’s not that good for you.


  • Easily Available and affordable.
  • Contains 3 powerful ingredients.
  • Helps to reduce minor dandruff problems.
  • Non-oily and no-greasy.
  • Does not cause hair fall.
  • No Side effects.
  • Best to treat mild dandruff.


  • Contains parabens and other chemicals.
  • Only temporary effects if you have huge dandruff problem.
  • Strong fragrance that can give you headache problem.

Price Of The Product

INR 100 for 50 ml.

INR 200 for 100 ml.

Will I Repurchase it ?

No, Not at all. I would not like to buy it again.



  1. Alekhya says:

    Hi pooja thanks for the review but then what is the solution for heavy dandruff problem??

    1. Pooja says:

      Hey !
      Heavy dandruff can be caused due to skin infection like fungal/bacterial, eczema, psoriasis ,Dry/oily scalp, Hormonal imbalance or due to some wrong products.
      1) You can Try KZ or Katofly shampoo. Use it twice a week. Mix 2–3 spoon of this shampoo into one bowl water and apply it on your scalp and after 10 mins wash your hair.
      Or 2) Dilute 2–3 drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo/oil and apply it on your scalp.

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