Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Vs Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

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Today I’m going to Share my Views on ‘Lakme Foundation’ and going to Cover the Difference Between ‘Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foudation’ and ‘Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation’.


                                                     Lakme is an Indian Drugstore Brand.It’s Products are easily available in the Market.There are Different Types of Foundations available in the market like Creamy, Liquid, Mousse and Powder Compact Foundations. Foundation makes your skin look Radiant and Flawless.So Firstly , I’m going to start with  ‘Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation’ and then ‘Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation’.

About Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation is Water-based Foundation.It comes in small thick glass Vial. It does not have any Pump or Nozzle. It contains Vitamin E and Silicons.It is available in 4 Shades:-1. Pearl 2.Marble 3.Shell 4.Coral.I have Pearl Shade that is Suitable for Fair skin tone People.It is facile to blend and gives Sparkle Shimmer glow to your Face. It is really Long-Lasting.I’m Really Happy to See that it has Full Coverage, it covers Dark Circles,Pigmentation and Fioble accurately.Only Problem is that it gave me Breakout issue. So i can Say that it is not Suitable for all Skin Types( i have oily skin tone).So Overall It is good Foundation as per its Price. You can use this Foundation for Party Make-Up Look as It has Full Coverage.It’s price is Rs.135/- for 27ml.

About Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation is also available in thick Vial and Water based Foundation. Good thing is that it has Unique Spatula applicator that allows you to Use the Perfect amount of Foundation. It has SPF 8 that protects the skin from harmful Sunbeam. This Foundation is available in 6 shades:-01, 02, 04, 05, 07, 08.I have 01 shade that is suitable for Fair Skin tone people. Unlike Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation , this foundation is not at all Long Lasting and it Provides Natural Coverage . Even you can use this Foundation on Regular basis because it gives Natural glowing look and it has Medium Coverage.For me Thumbs Up for this Foundation.It’s price is Rs.225/-for 25ml.

Lakme Perfection Foundation

Lakme Invisible Finish Foundation

It Provides Full Coverage It Provides Medium Coverage.
It Does Not have SPF. It has SPF 8.
It does have any Pump or Nozzle. It has Unique Spatula Applicator.
It Gives Instant Sparkle Glow. It Gives Natural Glow to your Skin.
It’s Price is Rs.135/- for 27ml. It’s Price is Rs.225/- for 25ml.
It is available in 4 Shades:-Pearl, Marble, Shell and Coral. It is available in 6 Shades:-01,02,04,05,07,08.

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