Oh! It Can Be ‘Hives Skin Infection’ !!

Oh! so do you ever heard about ‘Hives’.

Well, Hives is one of the skin infection or skin allergy.It is also known as ‘Urticaria’ , ‘Welts’ and ‘Nettle Rash’.Hives are red,itchy bumps on the skin that appear in various sizes and shapes. They are not permanent bumps or welts. They usually appear on one place in the form of red or skin colored bumps and within 20-30 mins disappear from that particular area and again reappear on some other part of the body.

Hives are very common skin infection and it’s not associate with long-term and serious complications. Hives is not contagious. They usually appear suddenly and go away just as quickly.

Types Of Hives

There are two types of hives:-

  • Acute Urticaria.(Short-lived)
  • Chronic Urticaria.(long-lived)

Acute hives lasts for a less than six weeks. Acute Hives can be caused due to any food allergy, weather changes or due to any antibiotics. The food that can cause hives are fish, eggs, peanuts, milk, chocolate etc.

Chronic hives lasts for more than six weeks. It almost occur daily. Chronic hives can be more itchy and irritating. Hives never leave any scars and dark spots once they disappear. Chronic hives needs medical advice or treatment.

Contact your doctor when you feel difficulty in breathing and tightness in the chest.

Causes Of Hives

Causes of hives can be :-

  • An allergic reaction due to any food(peanuts, milk, eggs, fish, chocolate etc) or insect bite.
  • Some antibiotics or medicines.
  • Weather changes.
  • Using harmful chemical products.
  • Viral infection like cold.
  • Pet danger.
  • Latex.
  • Some internal disease.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Bacterial infection.
  • Pollen.

In most of cases, it’s difficult to find the exact cause of hives but in case it’s identified then it’s better to avoid the trigger.

Symptoms Of Hives

  • Red itchy welts and bumps appear on the skin.
  • Appear, disappear and reappearing of welts and skin-colored rashes.rticaria
  • Bumps and welts appear in varying sizes and shapes.
  • Never leave dark spots or scars once they gone.
  • Generally change their place from one to another.
  • They appear, swell and go away within 20-30 minutes and then after sometimes can appear at some other place.

Diagnose and treatment of hives

In most of the cases, hives doesn’t require medical treatment but if you are suffering from chronic hives then yes medical advice or treatment is required. In order to examine the exact cause of hives, dermatologist take the test of your skin or blood. Then as per the cause, the doctor can suggest you appropriate medicines and treatment. Best thing is to avoid that cause of your hives if you want to be fine and healthy. 🙂 You can apply aloe vera( have anti-inflammation properties) on your affected areas to cure them as a home remedy.

Hope it would be helpful for all of you.

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