Premature Aging Or Normal Aging? Here Is The Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips

Nobody wants to look old but people change as they get older. This aging process affect overall functions of your body.With the age, your skin becomes less firm and less elastic.

Do you know?? Collagen and Elastic are primary components of your skin. Collagen gives youthful appearance to your skin. Elasticity is a protein that’s more stretchable than collagen and elasticity of your skin.

We all know the natural process of aging but aging can happen due to wrong habits, poor lifestyle etc.

So here we can classified the aging process into 2 categories:-

  1. Premature Aging Or Early Aging.
  2. Natural Aging Or Normal Aging.

Premature aging can be caused due to poor lifestyle, wrong habits i.e smoking & drinking and sun exposure etc.In premature aging, skin becomes more stiff and brittle when its damaged due to free radicals or wrong habits.

Normal aging is happen when people change as they get older.The number of melanocytes tends to decrease with aging, that can make your skin stiff & loose and less protective against UV rays.

Generally, aging can cause fine lines, wrinkles, aging lines, loose skin, dark circles, fragile skin, bone loss and cartilage loss in the nose etc.

Common Causes Of Aging

  • Free Radicals.
  • Consuming too much sugary products.
  • Lower intake of fresh fruits.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Poor lifestyle.
  • Stress.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Sun burn.
  • Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, cholesterol, asthma.
  • Using cellphones excessively.

In case of premature or early aging, you can control the aging process by adopting good lifestyle but in case of natural aging process, you can’t control it fully however you can slow down the aging.

So here are the some effective anti-aging tips for premature as well as natural aging.

Anti-Aging Tips For Premature Aging( Specially For Early Aging People)

  • Drink Planty Of Water And Do Excercise & Yoga Daily

Drinking lots of water helps to hydrate the skin. It’s one of the easiest way to look young & beautiful. Water smoothing out fine lines,hydrates the skin and moisturize your skin that helps to look radiant & young. You must also do yoga and excercise for healthy lifestyle. Workout and running gets your blood flowing which keeps skin looks healthy & glowing.

  • Stop Smoking And Drinking

Smoking usually cause premature aging. Chemicals of tabacco can damage the collagen and elastin of your skin that can make your skin loose, less firm and less elastic. Smoking also decreases the amount of water in the outermost layer of skin that can cause skin dryness. It alleviate the essential tissues of your skin that cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Likewise, excessive drink is also harmful for our health as well as skin. It can give skin discoloration and wrinkle related problems. So Stop smoking & drinking for your health & skin care.

  • Do Sleep Well And Don’t Take Stress

A lack of sleep can lead to premature aging. It can give you dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines related problems. A good quality sleep slows down the aging and makes you look fresh & glowing. Melatonin is a hormone that regulate sleep in us. A good quality sleep restores hormone levels. So do sleep well for your health & skin care.

Prolonged stress releases cortisol and suppresses the immune system. It can affect the whole body along with your skin. Stress can damage your skin cells and hair folicles so in order to avoid aging, avoid stress too.

  • Stop Eating Too Much Sugar

Excess of anything is always bad. Eating too much sugar or sugar products can weaken your skin’s collagen which can lead to wrinkles early in your life. However, exfoliation with sugar is extremely good for your skin that helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities. For this, you must use sugar scrub with lemon because it’s extremely good for your skin’s hydration. So instead of eating too much sugar, you must use sugar scrub on your face.

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  • Sun Protection

Sun Damage is one of the biggest cause of aging. It can cause wrinkles, tanning and skin discoloration problems. You generally get Vitamin D from sun but once you pass the 20 minute mark in the sun, the benefits from absoring necessary Vitamin D are counteracted by the damage of the UV rays to the skin. As a result, skin can loose its elasticity and collagen. For this, Always use good moisutizer and sun screen lotion before going to outside.

Anti-Aging Tips For Normal Aging( For All People)

  • Use Aloe Vera

According to the research, aloe vera helps to increase skin’s elasticity. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins,minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and water. It contains malic acid that helps to improve the formation of collagen and reduces the wrinkles. For this, use aloe vera gel daily on your face.

Aloe vera juice helps to decrease the inflammation and enhance the repair of ulcers in our stomach and help our immune system to remove toxins and detox always leads to anti-aging. So Aloevera juice as well as Aloe vera both are effective for aging.

  • Consume Food That Are High In Vitamin A, C, E And K

Nothing is better than well balanced diet. For young & healthy looking skin, you must consume food that are high in vitamin A, C, E and K. Vitamin A is perfect for anti-aging. Vitamin C & E helps to increase collagen production. You can also take supplements of these vitamins. Vitamin C also provide protection against UVB damage( sun burn damage). Vitamin K helps to lighten the skin so it’s perfect to treat under eye circles. So consume well balanced diet to combat aging process.

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  • Drink Ginger Tea 

Ginger tea is really effective for aging. Ginger contains ‘Gingerrols’ that protect collagen and helps to reduce inflammation and skin damage. It’s well known for its antioxidant properties that helps to reduce skin inflammation. So add ginger tea in your daily schedule to slow down the aging process. You can also try ginger juice by mixing it with hot water and honey and drink it in the morning.

  • Massage Your Face With Kumkumadi Tailam.

Kumkumadi tailam is also known as ‘Saffron Oil’. It’s a herbal ayurvedic oil that has several skin benefits. It has Antioxidant,Anti-hyperpigmentation,Moisturizer,Demulcent,Antibacterial,Anti-inflammator and Antimicrobial properties. It helps to improve the appearance, complexion and texture of your skin. It maintains healthy blood circulation. It increases luster and prevents black spots, dark circles, scars, and hyperpigmentation.So for maintaing natural glowing & healthy skin, you must use this oil.

  • Massage Your Face With Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the popular oil in ayurveda. This oil is extracted from sesame seeds. This oil is really good for your skin. It helps to nourishes the skin from deeply inside and promotes skin softness. The oil has an antioxidant called sesamol which effectively prevents the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines.So this oil is extremely good to slow down the aging.

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