Suffering From Dark Circles? Here are Some Solutions

Having Dark Circles!

Oh,they make your eyes look puffy and Dull.Well Here are Some Remedies to Deal with them.

                                                                      Eyes are the mirror of our soul and the most attractive feature.But dark circles makes them dull and sick.Typically Dark circles are caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle,lack of sleep,long hours in front of computer,excessive stress and stress etc. First and foremost remedy to prevent dark circles is ‘to sleep atleast for 7-8 hours daily.’Always consume healthy food, avoid taking too much stress and drink a lot of water.But still if you do have dark circles and are haunt with how to get rid of them then we have some natural remedies to prevent them:-

1.Potato and Cucumer paste

Chore a cucumber and pass the paste through a strainer. Make a paste of one potato and add it to the sieve.Then extract the juice and cool it in the refrigerator for about 10-15 minutes.Now dive the cotton pads in the solution and place it over your eyelids.Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.Then rinse off gently.Do it everyday for 2-3 weeks.

Even you can place cold potato slices or cucumber slices directly on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes.This will help you to reduce your dark circles for sure.Potato contains vitamin C and starch that lightens your dark skin. Likewise cucumber contains Vitamin C and have a cooling and soothing effect that alleviate skin darkening and swelling.So Do this remedy atleast for 2-3 weeks and see the difference yourself.


2.Tomato Paste and Drink Tomato Juice

Crush a tomato into a thick paste and apply it over your dark circles and rinse off after 10-15 mintues.Or you can place a tomato slice directly over your dark circles and rinse off after 5-10 minutes.Do it daily to alleviate your dark circles.

Do you know tomato contains vitamin A,B1,B2,B3,B5 and B6, iron and phosphorus that helps to lighten the skin under the eyes. So You must take tomato juice daily to prevent dark circles.Both of them helps you to prevent dark circles.


3.Apply Aloe Vera Gel on Dark Circles

Aloe Vera gel contains vitamin C, E and Beta Carotene that helps to overcome the dark circles. Infact aloe Vera is  a natural gift for all of us to prevent many issues i.e skin, hair fall and many other health diseases.Apply aloe vera gel daily at night over your dark circles.It will reduce your dark circles, blemishes and scars.You can use patanjali aloe vera gel that is really a natural and pure aloe vera gel.You can also add some drops of lemon juice into aloe vera gel and then apply it over your dark circles.Do it regularly, i’m sure you will see difference after 2-3 weeks.


4.Use Mint Leaves to Prevent Dark Circles

Mint Leaves have a cooling effect(menthol) that can get rid of dark circles.Mint contains rosmarinic acid that helps to prevent skin allergies.Crush a couple of fresh mint leaves and apply it to the affected area for about 5-10 minutes.Use a cotton or clean cloth to wipe it of. Do it regularly atleast for 2-3 weeks.This natural remedy will surely helps you to prevent the dark circles.You can also add some drops of lemon juice in it for better results.


So follow these remedies to get rid of dark circles and Be healthy!

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