Ringworm, It’s Causes, Symptoms And Treatment


Ringworm is one of the type of ‘Fungal infection‘. Don’t worry,it’s not a serious problem. Ringworm is common skin infection which is caused by ‘fungi’ that’s lives in the air, plants and human. Generally, these fungal germs are not harmful or dangerous but overgrowth of these germs can cause’Ringworm Infection’. These fungus germs eats keratin in skin, scalp, nails and foot that’s real cause of ringworm infection.  It starts as a red, scaly patch or bumps and with the passing of time, it may begin to look like a ‘Ring’ that’s why it is known as ‘Ringworm’. Ringworm is contagious and can spread easily from human to human, animal to human, object to human and soil to human.

Ringworm can affect your:-

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Scalp.
  • Beard.
  • Nails.
  • Hands.
  • Groin.
  • Foot.

Causes Of Ringworm

Generally, Ringworm is caused by fungi that eats keratin in skin, scalp, nails and foot. But but! There are also some other causes of ringworm and these are as follow:-

  • It can affect people with low immune system.
  • It can also affect people living in warm and humid climates.
  • HIV/AIDS patients are more likely to get ringworm.
  • Tight clothing can also cause ringworm.
  • Lack of hygiene near vaginal or genital areas.

Symptoms Of Ringworm

  • It can cause circular rash that is usually red and itchy.
  • Bumps and boils appears like a ring.
  • Skin becomes flaky and scaly.
  • Yellow dandruff with lots of hair fall.
  • Circular rashes on the scalp.
  • Itching on the palm.
  • Yellowish and malformed nails.
  • Dry patches and reddness at the tops of the feet.
  • Rashes and swelling near genital areas.

Diagnosis and treatment of ringworm

It’s easy to diagnose the ringworm infection because of it’s appearance. Generally, doctor examine the affected area by using a black light to view affected skin. If there is a infection then affected area will glow ( where fungus is located). According to the type of infection and affected area ,doctor can suggest appropriate treatment. Still there are several medicines, lotions, creams and tablets are available in the market that can cure ringworm like Tinactin, ketoconazole etc. You must use those creams, lotions and medicines that have antifungal properties which can kill the fungus germs.

Home Remedy for ringworm

  • Take a oil/ aloe vera gel/ cream/ lotion / shampoo/ rose water.
  • Dilute 2-3 drops of tea tree oil into a cream/oil/lotion/rose water/ aloe vera gel and apply it on affected areas daily at night.
  • Massage your affected parts with coconut oil.
  • Apply Garlic paste or slices of garlic on your affected parts.
  • Daily wash your skin with cetaphil lotion.

Hope it would be helpful for you.


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