Skin Care Tips For Summer Season

Skin is the most prominent organ of your body. It always require good care for maintaining healthy & glowing look. Every skin tone whether its oily, dry, combination, normal or senstive skin requires good care. Specially during summer , it needs special protetion because hot weather can give skin related issues like tanning, premature aging, wrinkles or dark spots etc.

So here are some effective skin care tips for summer season:-

  • Protect Yourself From Sunrays

Sunrays consists of UVA, b & C rays and UVA rays are harmful for our skin which can give pigmentation and premature aging issues. So you must avoid staying out for long during summer season ( specially from 11 a.m to 3 p.m) . It’s better for you to apply a good sunscreen or a lotion/cream that contains SPF. Choose a good sunscreen that contains vitamins and anti-oxidants for long term benefits.

  • Hydrate Yourself

Drinking lots of water is always good for your skin care, specially during summers it’s important for you to hydrate your body with water from time to time. You must drink atleast 8 glasses of water a day to keep yourself hydrated because our body lose a lots of moisture during summer season. It helps to remain your skin soft and moisturized as well.

  • Use Light Make-Up Or Water Proof Make-Up

A rise in temperature during summer can make your make-up a mess. So it’s better for you to use a light make-up or waterproof make-up during summer. It’s good to use gel creams rather than oily or silk creams during summers. For lip care , you must use a natural lip balm to moisturize your lips.

  • Eat Fresh Vegetables & Fruits And Drink Juice

Eating fresh vegetables & fruits are always good for your overall health as well as skin.You must drink lime juice, aloe vera juice or fresh fruit juices. Vitamin C,A & K are extremely good for our skin. So specially consume those vegetables & fruits that contains these vitamins like kiwi, guava, pine apple, water melon, cucumber, papaya , green leafy vegetables, garlic etc.

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  • Wash Your Face¬†

Wash your face atleast twice a day. Choose a good face wash or cleanser that contains natural ingredients and vitamins. Use a cleanser that contains mild AH or BH acids . They helps to remove the dead skin cells and also helps in new skin cells growth.It’s also good to use fruit face washes. Always wash your face once in morning and evening.

  • Exfoliate Your Skin

People generally suffers from blackheads/whiteheads and dead skin cell issues. In order to remove them, you must exfoliate your skin two to three times a week. It will help you to clogging your pores and also improving blood circulation to the face. A good amount of granules helps to clean the dead skin cells effectively.

  • Follow a Night Care Routine

You must use aloe vera gel as a night cream. It will help you to give a natural glow and combat several skin ailments. You must also use a good toner or a rose water to clean your face in the evening. It will keep the pores closed and keep the skin cool. Aloe vera gel is also helpful to prevent & cure dark circles. So it’s better to use it at night.

  • Avoid Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks are not good for our overall health as well as skin. Aerated drinks contains lots of sugar which can give you premature aging issues. You should also minimize or avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine because they reduce the water content from the body system which is not good for your health.

Hope It Would Be Helpful For All Of You


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