A Perfect Solution For Acne Marks, Skin Lightening, Dark Circles And Hair Fall

Personal grooming is important for all of us to maintain a healthy & glowing skin and body. You need to maintain proper hygiene and cleanlinessfor the health of skin, hair & body. It does not mean do a make up all the time. Here internal beauty comes first which you can maintain by following good lifestyle, healthy food and with the help of exercise and yoga.

Externally, there are some good skin care, hair care and body care products that help you to become radiant & glowing.So here is the list of some important products of ‘Mamaearth Brand‘ that helps in skin,hair and body care.

Basically, Mamaearth brand offers baby care products and at the same time they offer natural & safe products for mothers & all females. I chose Mamaearth’s products because these products are paraben & sulfate free that’s extremely good for all of us and just like a baby care products , these products are totally safe to pamper us.All products are Dermatologically tested. 

Top 5 Mamaearth’s Products

1)  Mamaearth Face Mask For Skin Lightening & Pigmentation

Mamaearth face pack contains charcoal, coffee &  clay and load with minerals like magnesium , calcium and potassium to stimulate blood circulation. Activated charcoal helps to exfoliate & lightens the scars, dark spots and treat acne & pimples. Coffee seed extract helps to brighten your complexion by reducing inflammation, redness and tighten pores. It’s natural fruit extracts ( papaya, cucumber, mulberry) help to fight blemishes, unclog pores and moisturize and treat hyperpigmentation. So overall, it’s an amazing face mask with lots of benefits. You must definitely try this product for your natural glow.

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2) Mamaearth Under Eye Creme

Under eye needs a special care. In this present era, you may face dark circles & puffiness related issues due to stress, overwork or lack of sleep. So, under eye cream is must to cure & prevent dark circle related issues. Mamaearth’s under eye cream contains shea butter, almond oil, olive oil, papaya extracts, green tea extracts , cucumber extracts and vitamins C , hyaluronic acid, caffeine etc. Hyaluronic acid help to minimize puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Vitamin C helps to reduce sun damage and inflammation and caffeine , cucumber & white lilly helps to provide radiant and glowing skin.

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3) Mamaearth Body Creme For Stretch Marks & Scars

Mamaearth stretch marks &  scars reduction creme is rich in milk proteins, jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa. It’s specially made to heal stretch marks in pregnant women. You can also apply it on your face to reduce acne scars and dark spots. This creme also help to build collagen  & restore elasticity in skin.Milk protein helps to nourish the dry & itchy skin and hydrates the skin. So you can pamper your body & skin with this creme to maintain your beauty.

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4) Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask To Reduce Hair fall 

Mamaearth hair mask is enriched with argan & avocado oil, goodness of collagen, milk protein, tea tree oil and power of follicusan. Combination of argan & avocado oil helps to make hair soft & smooth and prevents hair fall. Milk Protein & curd extracts helps to strengthen hair from the roots. Tea tree oil helps to cure dandruff as it has anti-fungal properties. Collagen repairs damaged hair and help in strengthen the hair. It’s also beneficial to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.

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5) Mamaearth Claming Body Wash

Mamaearth body wash is enriched with geranium, jojoba oil, aloe vera, allantoin , Vitamin E and coconut based cleanser. Vitamin E helps to promote healthy cell development of your skin. Geranium helps to uplifts your mood, reduces the weakness & tiredness and rejuvenate skin . jojoba oil & coconut cleanser provide nourishment to your skin . It’s fragrance free body wash and fully safe for your body & skin. So pamper your skin with this body wash.

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So all these products are amazing for our skin, hair and body care.

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