Interesting Facts That Can Improve your Sex Life

Having a good sexual life is necessary for a happy marriage.It’s vital part of marriage.It requires a deeper level of communication that you don’t normally do with just anyone.But in present era,due to lots of responsibilities and career issues, sometimes people face lack of spending time with each other.Over work and stress makes them tired.But Love making is important for healthy marriage life.Without physical intimacy,your relationship can slowly wither or die.Sex is a great way to put a new hop in your step and restore your energy.It is necessary to show the love for each other.But if you have poor or boring sex life then here are some tips to improve your sexual life:-


  • Communication

Do communicate with your partner.Yes! talk with him/her about your lovely moments and feelings.Spend some good time together that helps both of  you to connect with each other.Listen him! Do care for his/her needs.Do talk funny things. All these things help both of you to make a love with each other.Talk about your likes and dislikes.Try to recalling your old romantic dates/moments that helps both of you to intimate with each other.Firstly makes emotional connection through heart filled conversation, sharing your feelings and practicing empathy then go for a physical connection.And always avoid arguments during communication with each other.All these things helps both of you to make a love with each other.So communication plays an important role in your sex life and it’s important for better and healthy married life.

  • Relax before Sex and take some time

Take some time and relax before becoming intimate with each other.This will help take the focus off of performance.It will makes your mind and body refresh. Never approach sex as something to do and then get done.Always goes slow down and enjoy the pleasure of being touched.Engage in non-sexual touching before moving onto sexual touch.It will intimate both of you and give more pleasure in sex.Rest and relaxation is very important for having pleasurable sex.By resting and relaxing, your body and mind becomes more active that helps both of you to make love deeply with each other.

  • Try Something New(new positions)

Love making by same position everytime? Oh ! it can makes your sexual life so boring.So in order to avoid this problem,always try to connect in a new way and try some new positions that can makes your sexual life more interesting.If you don’t know about new positions then you can see some videos and tutorials of sex education that can guide you about several sex positions. Try to connect in a different ways.Planned a romantic date and give him/her a surprise by connecting with new position and at new location.So always modify your sex positions for Interesting and pleasurable sex life.

  • Watch Porn and wear sexy outfits

Sometimes,watching a porn can help both of you get into mood.This can help both of you to intimate with each other. By teasing each other and watching porns can help both of you to come closer.Try some sexy and attractive outfits even this can help both of you to get into the mood.Girls must try sexy lingerie or baby dolls,that can attract his guy so easily.Boys can use sexy boxers that can intimate his girl.In order to avoid to fear of pregnancy,be ready with condom and enjoy the pleasure of true love.:-)

All these Steps helps you to make your married life more interesting and happy.




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