Why Should You Eat Citrus Fruits

Whenever we talk about citrus fruits, oranges, lemons and grape fruits comes in our mind. Well, citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, Fibre, Potassium,minerals,phosphorus, Calcium, Niacin, antioxidants and Vitamin B6 that have several health as well as skin benefits.

Here is the list of citrus fruits :-

List Of Citrus Fruits

All these citrus fruits have been using in several food , dishes, james, juices, pickles, ice creams and many more dishes. Even these are also using in several beauty products.

You should eat citrus fruits because citrus fruits have several health benefits.

Skin Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

  • Citrus fruits provides protection against free radicals and the harmful UV rays of the sun because they are rich in Vitamin C.
  • Lemons are rich in Vitamin C that helps in skin lightening & brightening. They are also so goods for removal of dead skin cells, freckles, age spots and skin discoloration.
  • Citrus fruits helps in producing collagen for tissue repair. ( collagen makes our skin youthful & healthy).
  • Citrus fruits are rich in minerals, Vitamin C, phosphorus and antioxidants that helps to prevent acne, pimples and fine lines.
  • Tangerine pulp can be used to treat minor skin ailments like wounds, boils and papules etc. It also hydrates the skin. It’s pulp must be applied on affected area and left for a couple of minutes and then wash off the face.
  • Vitamin C present in grapefruit help rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin & removing dead skin cells.

Other Health Benefits Of Citrus Fruits

  • Citrus fruits contains high carotenoid compound which combined together with Vitamin C and produce Vitamin A that helps to boost eye sight.
  • Citrus fruits helps in weight loss because Vitamin C in citrus fruits produce a cortisol hormone which main function is storing your fat away from the system and turning them into energy.
  • Citrus fruits are also rich in fibre and lignin that reduce the uptake of glucose by promoting longer satiety and preventing the surge of blood sugar level.
  • Citrus fruits also contains folate that’s good for pregnant women because it helps in reducing the risks of baby born with birth defect.
  • The Potassium available in citrus fruits maintain the normal blood pressure by promoting the nerve impulses to the muscle.
  • All Vitamin C rich fruits & vegetables helps to boost the immunity.
  • Citrate found in citrus fruits helps to prevent kidney stone. It helps in reducing the formation of crystal.
  • Vitamin C deficiency could lead to a higher risk of asthma. So Eating more Vitamin C fruits can lower the risk of asthma.
  • Citrus fruits prevents hair loss. Collagen formed by Vitamin C will help you reducing the patch of bald in your scalp by repairing the damaged scalp tissue for healthier hair growth.
  • Cirtus fruits also works as a detoxification mechanism. It helps to clean unnecessary substances inside the intestine.

So you must eat citrus fruits for your overall health. You can also use them as a home remedies for your skin care and you can also try skin care products that contains citrus fruits.

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